Golden Jubilee Year (1967-2017)

Computer Forensic Unit

The Computer Forensic Unit carries out the activities viz.

1. HDD Forensics.

2. Optical Media Forensics.

3. Flash Media Forensics towards Computer Forensic Examination as well as

4. Physical, File System and Logical lever Forensic Analysis of GSM, CDMA Mobiles.

5. SIM Card Analysis towards Mobile Phone Forensic Examination.

Computer Forensic Unit of CFSL, Hyderabad is the first Central Forensic Laboratory Notified as EXAMINER OF ELECTRONIC EVIDENCE under Section 79A of Information Technology Act.

The Computer Forensic Unit of CFSL, Hyderabad has been declared as ‘Centre of Excellence’ (CoE) for Cyber Forensics’ by MHA, GoI as per the decision by the National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS) during the meeting of the JWG (Joint Working Group) held on 22/12/2015, co-ordinated by the IS-I Division of MHA and conveyed vide their file No. II/21021/208/2012-IS-II/M dated 08/01/2016.

The Computer Forensic Unit of CFSL, Hyderabad has been given the task of creating National Cyber Forensic laboratory (NCFL) by upgrading the existing facility under the 'Centre for Cybercrime Prevention against women and children’ (CCPWC) scheme of MHA, GoI. The work is under progress.


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