Golden Jubilee Year (1967-2017)
Nation celebrates Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav


The Cases being forwarded to CFSL Hyderabad should invariable accompany the following documents/compliance of procedures:-

  1. * The crime case exhibits should accompany duly filled in forwarding note of CFSL, Hyderabad (Can be downloaded from Downloads Section);
  2. * Forwarding note to be signed by The Judicial officer/Superintendent of Police & above/Competent authority of Central & State Govt. Organisations;
  3. * Certificate of authority may be filled and signed by the same forwarding authority (who has signed the forwarding note) and addressed to the Director, Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Hyderabad;
  4. * The parcel/Exhibit should be sealed with the same sample specimen seal as forwarded along with forwarding note;
  5. * The exhibits/parcels to be sealed with lac seal. The seals should be intact and legible and tamper proof. The specimen seal (Preferably 3, 4 impressions in cloth) may be provided for comparison. (Coin seals are not accepted);
  6. * The FIR/Post Mortem report/Forwarding Note in regional languages must necessarily be accompanied by a true & accurate translation of its contents in English/Hindi for ease of completion of formalities along with a certification and avoiding delay;
  7. * A transparent cellophane tape may be affixed on seal(s) of parcel to avoid any damage during transit;
  8. * Road certificate should be enclosed to ascertain authenticity of the person(s) carrying the Exhibits/Questioned Documents;
  9. * Messenger(s) visiting the laboratory for official work should possess valid authorisation & ID Card/identity as proof;
  10. * In case of Toxicological and Biological Examinations, a copy of FIR/Daily Diary, brief case history, suicide note, complaint, M.L.C., Prescription, Treatment history report, P.M Report is mandatory.;
  11. * Label containing the details of deceased with Name, P.M. Number, Case number along with U/s must be affixed on the parcel(s) along with the signature of medical officer which should tally with the description in the forwarding note to be enclosed;
  12. * Certificate of alcohol intoxication by Medical officer in case of alcohol examination from blood and urine samples to be enclosed;
  13. * Request for DNA examination should accompany proof of authentication;
  14. * No examination fee is charged for cases, except for Document cases. Request for Document Examination should accompany fees in the form of DD favouring “Director, Central Forensic Science Laboratory” and drawn payable at Hyderabad;
    1. Final decision regarding acceptance of cases for examination shall be at the discretion of the Director, CFSL, Hyderabad;
    2. The CFSL, HYDERABAD remains closed on Saturdays, Sundays & other Public Holidays.


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