Golden Jubilee Year (1967-2017)

Charter of Duties

CFSL, Hyderabad is engaged in mainly the following types of activities :

  1. Analysis – Case Examination (exhibits)
  2. Training – Training of scientists, Police Officers, Judiciary & Students of various Universities
  3. Research & Development – Plan & Non-Plan Research Projects and JRF scheme
  4. Other Activities – Procurement of equipment for other State Forensic Science Laboratories
  5. Funding of Extra Mural Research Projects

CFSL, Hyderabad is engaged in the Research & Development in the field of Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Toxicology and Forensic Explosives, which falls under its centre of excellence. The laboratory has scope of accreditation for the above mentioned areas. Two new units namely, Computer Forensics & Counterfeit Currency have been started functioning during 2005. Establishment of DNA Unit, Lie Detection Unit, Tape Authentication and Speaker Identification Unit & Brain Fingerprint Unit are in pipeline and are expected to be commenced soon. The laboratory has been declared as nodal laboratory for accreditation of other forensic science laboratories in India as per ISO/IEC-17025. In this regard the laboratory has conducted various courses for preparation of documents required for accreditation and other various requirements like uncertainty measurements etc. The officers of the laboratory have helped in getting accreditation of other forensic science laboratories such as FSL, Haryana/Andhra Pradesh/Gujarat, GEQD, Hyderabad/Kolkata. Some other forensic science laboratories namely, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Manipur are also in line of getting accreditation. The laboratory has been entrusted with conducting proficiency testing programme and inter laboratory comparison testing programme. Interested Forensic Science Laboratories can contact the Director, CFSL, Hyderabad for participation in the above mentioned programmes. The laboratory has a trained expert team who can guide the investigating officers at the scene of crime.


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