Golden Jubilee Year (1967-2017)

Physics Division

In Physics division different types of examinations are carried out like examination of paint, glass, soil, fibres, metallic pieces, threads and ropes, cloth pieces, struggle mark and cut marks on cloth, knot examination, examination of metallic seals, postal seals, deciphering of erased chassis and engine number of vehicles, registration plate of vehicles, examination of tool marks, etc. The division is also carrying out the examination of telephonic and direct recording to identify the Speaker. A very advanced version of computerized Voice Spectrograph namely Computerized Speech Lab Model CSL-4500 is being used for analysis of Speaker Identification cases.

In addition to these activities, the Physics division often visits the scene of crime and also undertakes the task of reconstruction of scene of crime. The division has undertaken new project work in the field of Noise reduction/signal enhancement and Audio tape Authentication.


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