Golden Jubilee Year (1967-2017)

Forensic Analytical Services

CFSL, Hyderabad undertakes the scientific examination of sensitive physical evidences recovered from scene of crime to assist law enforcement and other crime investigation agencies.

Forensic examinations are carried out in the fields of Chemistry, Toxicology, Explosives, Physics, Ballistics and Biology and Cyber Forensics.

Physical evidence includes materials, which a suspect leaves at the scene of crime or takes from the scene of crime.

The purpose of collection and examination of physical evidence is to link the crime with the criminal.

For achieving this purpose all basic sciences and their methodologies are being utilized for analysis and comparison of physical evidence materials.

Cases are received from the various Courts of law and crime investigation agencies from Union territories and state of South, west and South Central part of India under the jurisdiction of CFSL, Hyderabad

The laboratory also receives cases on request from other Forensic Science Laboratories, CBI, Offices of Central Excise & Customs, Indian Railways, Bureau of Narcotics, Controller of Explosives, Military and Para-Military Organizations, Postal, Banking, PSU etc.

Laboratory acts as the referral centres for forensic analysis of crime cases, which require elaborate investigation and expertise.

The forensic scientists give expert evidence in the Court of Law to help the judiciary in delivering the justice.


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