Golden Jubilee Year (1967-2017)


  1. How Can We Ensure The Confidentiality Of Information In CFSL?
  2. What Is The Time Taken For CFSL To Give The Reports?.
  3. Is The Report Given By CFSL Valid In The Court Of Law?)
  4. Who Are The Experts At CFSL?
  5. Who Are the Forwarding authorities who are competent for Seeking CFSL Services?
  6. How Many Cases have been Reported By CFSL, Hyderabad Till Date?
  7. What Types Of Services Are Offered By CFSL?
  8. What Does A Central Forensic Science Lab Stand For?
  9. What Is Forensic Science?
  10. What Is The Need For A Central Forensic Science Lab In India?
  11. Can the laboratory distinguish the absolute or relative age of the Document?
  12. Is fingerprinting examination undertaken in CFSL, Hyderabad?
  13. What are the ....................... guidelines for collection of .................. standards for processing the cases of Question Documents?
  14. Is Post-Mortem and Forensic Medicine undertaken in CFSL, Hyderabad?
  15. List of Books returned by the scientist of CFSL Hyderabad?
  16. List of scientific papers published and referred cited for the scientist for CFSL Hyderabad?
  17. What does it taken to become a Forensic Scientist?
  18. What course of study and qualifying exams are required?
  19. How long does it take to complete a case?
  20. What kind of analysis can the laboratory perform?
  21. Who can submit evidence to the lab?
  22. What do you do when you attend a crime scene?
  23. What can be revealed from some ones DNA profile?
  24. What are the protocols for internship program?


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